Blog Packages for Laravel: Nothing to Choose From?

I will be honest: this article was planned as “Review of Blog Packages for Laravel”. But after starting the research, I realized that there’s not much to choose from! Still, let’s look into some details and try to get an overview of this niche. So if you have a Laravel project and want to add a blog to it, what are your options?


10 Best Free Bootstrap Admin Themes 2017

We’re currently working on changing front-end themes for our QuickAdmin, so researched the market for already available adminpanel Bootstrap themes. There’s a lot to choose from – both free and premium, but for this article we’ve chosen the best ones that are available for free.

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20 CodeCanyon PHP Scripts for Adminpanel-like Projects

Usually when we think about web-projects, we mean websites that consist of front-end view and back-end adminpanel. But there are other types of projects – I call them web-applications. In fact, you can treat them as adminpanel-only projects. This is a perfect case for our QuickAdmin, so we decided to search for more examples, and the best place for that is CodeCanyon scripts library. So here’s what we’ve found.


New module: AJAX Datatables – for large amounts of data

We are expanding our Modules section, and today we want to introduce a new module that has been asked for by our Premium users – it will help to work with bigger amounts of data and larger tables.


10 Best Laravel packages for multi-language projects

Laravel framework has quite a simple localization function – you can put language translations in resources/lang folder. But it’s not convenient to edit them in the code, so there are many packages that help make this process more effective. Let’s review the most popular ones.


15 Phrases That May Kill Your Web-Project

There are words and phrases you totally don’t want to hear or read during your web-project creation process. I’ve decided to take the most painful ones and make a list – would you recognize any of these happened to you?


LaraQuiz is now open-sourced: create your own quiz sites easily!

A few weeks ago our team launched a new mini-project called LaraQuiz – for those who want to test their Laravel knowledge. Partly it was a showcase what can be generated with our QuickAdmin. Today we decided to put all the code on GitHub – feel free to create your own quiz sites.


6 Reasons Why We Don’t Have a Manual for QuickAdmin

Looking through adminpanel generator packages, they usually have some kind of a manual or documentation. Our QuickAdmin doesn’t. And that’s a deliberate decision – here are the reasons why.


Using QuickAdmin for Existing Laravel Project

We’ve been asked quite a lot about using QuickAdmin for already existing project. It’s not straightforward but possible: time to write a mini-tutorial about it.


Fixing stuff on live server is wrong? Not always.

Controversial topic I want to talk about. Among web-developers, there’s a rule of processes how things should be pushed to live version – they need to go through local testing, then staging server and only then deployed to live. Same even wiht production bugs – you need to reproduce them locally and only then properly fix and deploy. I believed that too, until started our QuickAdmin. Here’s our story.