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Category: QuickAdmin

NEW: Add Child Records to Parent Create Form

Another step forward in our QuickAdminPanel – expanding the functionality of belongsTo relationship. Now you can choose to add “child” entries directly within a “parent” entry form. Here’s how it looks.

New: Show Extra Fields in Relationship Column

Another small but useful function in QuickAdminPanel – now, while choosing a belongsTo Relationship field type, you can choose to show extra columns from parent table in child’s list.

New Module: Registration for New Users

By default, our admin panel has User Management and ability to log in. But now you will be able to allow new users to register. With a few additional settings, let’s see how it works.

What Are People Creating with QuickAdminPanel? [STATS]

After half-year of being on the market and after 3000+ registered users, we decided to dive deeper into what projects are actually being created by our customers and trial users. So here are some overview stats for you!