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Fixing stuff on live server is wrong? Not always.

Controversial topic I want to talk about. Among web-developers, there’s a rule of processes how things should be pushed to live version – they need to go through local testing, then staging server and only then deployed to live. Same even wiht production bugs – you need to reproduce them locally and only then properly fix and deploy. I believed that too, until started our QuickAdmin. Here’s our story.

NEW in QuickAdmin: Modules system

Today we’ve launched a new function in QuickAdmin called Modules. Basically, we’ve bundled CRUDs into modules which you can install or remove easily. Here’s a quick 2-minute video.

NEW in QuickAdmin: many-to-many relationships!

Finally we are launching a feature which was in the works for a long time. A lot of users requested many-to-many relationships and were waiting for them. So with our 1.0.3 version we’re ready for it!

How to use Laravel .env and .env.example files?

While working with a team and with different environments like local, staging and production, there are different settings for each machine. For that we have .env and .env example files. How to use them effectively?