Here’s the usual workflow with QuickAdminPanel.

1. You register on our website and create a project – just choose a name and some parameters:

2. You add functionality to your project online – by creating menu items and installing modules. You can test the admin panel online, you see exactly how it will work.

3. In the background, system is generating Laravel files for you. At any time, you can click View Laravel files to see the code for any of them.

4. Finally, you can click Download adminpanel – system will download an archive with full Laravel project. Then you install it as a normal Laravel project:

– Unarchive and put into the folder you need
– Prepare .env file by copying it from .env.example provided and changing credentials
– Run composer install
– Run php artisan key:generate
– Run php artisan migrate –seed
– That’s it, enter your main URL and log in with admin@admin.compassword.

5. You can make any changes you want in the downloaded code – it has no dependency on our package after download, it’s a pure Laravel code.

6. If you want to add more menu items or modules later – you can do it online, and then you have three options to update files:
– Re-download all project
– Download only latest changed files
– Or use Github/Bitbucket integration available in our Premium Agency plan.

Here’s a short video overview of all this process:

If you have any more questions, feel free to use our live-chat or email