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Integration with Github/Bitbucket – no more downloading files after updates

Probably the most often question from our customers is how to update admin panel after downloading it, like if you want to add another CRUD or field. Today we’re presenting a “proper” way of handling it – uploading the updates to your Github or Bitbucket repository, available for Agency plan customers.

Announcing upcoming Agency plan and New Pricing

QuickAdminPanel’s journey so far has been incredible in terms of users and popularity, but the same topic appeared again and again – users were telling us that we’re charging too low. The time has come to move up the market and play “serious” game –…

NEW: Add Child Records to Parent Create Form

Another step forward in our QuickAdminPanel – expanding the functionality of belongsTo relationship. Now you can choose to add “child” entries directly within a “parent” entry form. Here’s how it looks.