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15 Phrases That May Kill Your Web-Project

There are words and phrases you totally don’t want to hear or read during your web-project creation process. I’ve decided to take the most painful ones and make a list – would you recognize any of these happened to you?

Fixing stuff on live server is wrong? Not always.

Controversial topic I want to talk about. Among web-developers, there’s a rule of processes how things should be pushed to live version – they need to go through local testing, then staging server and only then deployed to live. Same even wiht production bugs – you need to reproduce them locally and only then properly fix and deploy. I believed that too, until started our QuickAdmin. Here’s our story.

NEW in QuickAdmin: Modules system

Today we’ve launched a new function in QuickAdmin called Modules. Basically, we’ve bundled CRUDs into modules which you can install or remove easily. Here’s a quick 2-minute video.

NEW in QuickAdmin: many-to-many relationships!

Finally we are launching a feature which was in the works for a long time. A lot of users requested many-to-many relationships and were waiting for them. So with our 1.0.3 version we’re ready for it!