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Top 5 Questions/Answers About Spatie MediaLibrary

Inside of our QuickAdminPanel generator, we use Spatie MediaLibrary package for file uploads. And our customers often ask as questions about it, so we decided to compile the most popular ones and answer them in one article. It can be useful for any Medialibrary user,…

Laravel Custom Validation Rule: Max Word Count

Laravel provides a lot of validation rules, but what if you need to add your own? We’ll show you how to do it, with the rule “max words count is 500”, and we will also make this 500 number as a parameter.

Laravel: Roles/Permissions for Individual Fields

Laravel has a great roles/permissions system out-of-the-box, based on Gates and Policies, and it’s usually used to access the whole menu item or some action, like create/delete. But what if you need to restrict a certain DB COLUMN from being edited? Like, for example, “published” checkbox for articles, that can be ticked only by Administrators, and not by Authors. Let’s see how to do it.