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Laravel Package Creators: Let’s Meet the TOP 5 Closer

We use a lot of packages inside Laravel. For free. But do we know the PEOPLE who created them and support us? Let’s recognize their names and faces and give the respect they deserve. Here’s the list of the most “famous” creators with their packages, maybe you will find out some new packages for yourself.

Two Laravel Packages to Send SMS with Twilio

Sending SMS is a pretty common way to notify users about some action – like, transaction finished successfully, invoice ready etc. And Twilio is almost a market standard to do that easily. And there are at least two packages for Laravel to make it even…

Reports and Charts in Laravel: Two Useful Packages

For bigger web-project with a lot of data we usually have to build a reporting system – with export to PDF/Excel, charts and graphs. There are many ways to do it, let’s look at the most popular ones. Update: in February 2019 we released our…