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How does it work?

QuickAdminPanel is an online generator of full Laravel project.

Example projects generated with QuickAdminPanel

See all examples on our GitHub page or YouTube channel.


Laravel 5.5 based system for freelancers to manage their clients/projects/income

Github Repo

Roles/Permissions Manager

Laravel 5.4 adminpanel starter boilerplate project with roles-permissions management.

Github Repo


Laravel 5.4 based simple event tickets admin + front page, with payment integration via Stripe.

Github Repo

Sports League

Laravel 5.4 based simple sports league admin + minimal front-page

Github Repo


Laravel 5.4 based system for various small businesses to manage their appointment calendar.

Github Repo


Laravel 5.3 based quiz system - see original project at

Github Repo


Add these functions with one-click install


Restrict access to CRUD entries to only users who actually created them.

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Reports generator

Create simple visual chart-reports from the data in your CRUDs.

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API Generator

Create API Controllers and Routes for any of your CRUDs, just by ticking a checkbox.

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System calendar

Create a calendar, combining event sources from one or more CRUDs.

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Stripe payment

Your users can pay for membership with credit card via Stripe.

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AJAX Datatables

Load datatables data with AJAX. Helpful for large amount of data.

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User logs

Logging of every create/update/delete of entries, with logs in one list.

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Change notifications

Notify admin via email about new/edited/deleted entry of CRUDs.

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Internal messages

A mini-inbox in your project - ability to send messages to other users.

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Our Pricing

Free 14-day Trial
  • Create Up To 3 Admin panels
  • Create Up To 5 CRUDs
  • Use only FREE modules
  • Limited email support
Developer plan$99.99/year
  • Create Unlimited Admin panels
  • Create Unlimited CRUDs
  • Use PREMIUM modules
  • Live-chat/email support
Agency Plan$199.99/year
  • Same as Developer Plan, plus:
  • Github/Bitbucket integration
  • Team accounts for other developers
  • URLs to show progress to clients
  • Whitelabeling (no “quickadmin” code)
  • Upgrading Laravel version of the panel
  • Flexible roles/permissions manager
  • Priority Live-chat/email Support

Testimonials from customers

Word from the founder

Hi, I'm Povilas Korop - founder of QuickAdminPanel. Being a freelance Laravel developer, a blogger, and now leading Laravel Daily Team, I am obsessed with effectiveness and speed of development - so that clients get the first version of the product as soon as possible.

So we created QuickAdminPanel - a tool to generate adminpanel code. First it was an internal project, then a Laravel package, and finally now we're presenting it to you as an online generator.

I personally care a lot about this project, and I even answer most of the support queries myself. Being a developer and a client, I understand both worlds and try to apply that knowledge to QuickAdminPanel.

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