How it works

We know coding might be complicated. Don't worry, it's simple here.

Create your adminpanel

Register, name your project, add menus/fields/relationships etc.
All visual, no coding required.
Laravel files are generated "in background" - you can test your adminpanel as you go.

View/Download files

At any moment you can view the Laravel files that were generated for you.
When you're happy with your adminpanel - download the whole Laravel project to install and run locally or on your server.

Ready to use!

You download your adminpanel as a Laravel project. Just enter config details, run composer install, artisan migrate and you have an adminpanel!
From there you can change/improve the project any way you want.

Prefer video? Here's a quick overview.

About QuickAdminPanel

About project - short history

At first our team created QuickAdmin for our internal needs in 2014.
Then in 2015 we released it as a Laravel package. 7000+ installs!

Now, in 2016 we present the new level and new approach - now you can generate your adminpanel in the cloud!

Price of generated adminpanel

Testimonials from customers

So, impressed? Ready to try it out?