What's inside

- CRUDs for Buses, Rides and Bookings
- Front page to view timetable and book rides
See code on Github
Laravel Bus Timetable
Laravel Bus Rides booking

Technical details

- Based on Laravel 7
- Admin theme: CoreUI Free (Bootstrap 4)
- Last updated: August 2020
See code on Github

Video Tutorial - "Making Of" (16 minutes)

[0:00] Intro: About Project
[2:07] Demo: How Project Works
[3:44] Generate DB/Code with QuickAdminPanel
[9:03] Code Review: Dropdown Customization
[10:32] Code Review: Front Page with Rides Grouping
[12:27] Code Review: Book Form and Validation
[14:04] Code Review: Email Notifications
[15:35] Conclusions