What's inside

- CRUD for Students
- Attendance Grid to mark who was present
- Artisan command to calculate/send monthly invoices
- Dashboard Chart to calculate revenue and see unpaid invoices
See code on Github
Laravel monthly attendance grid
Laravel monthly invoice

Technical details

- Based on Laravel 7
- Admin theme: CoreUI Free (Bootstrap 4)
- Last updated: April 2020
See code on Github

Video Tutorial - "Making Of" (13 minutes)

[0:00] Intro: About Monthly Invoices Project
[0:31] Demo: How Project Works
[2:08] DB Schema with MySQL Workbench
[3:22] Generate Core with QuickAdminPanel
[7:13] Code Review: Attendance Table
[9:15] Code Review: Sending Invoices Command
[10:59] Code Review: Mark Invoice as Paid
[11:50] Code Review: Dashboard Chart