What's inside

- Extended Registration form with Moving data
- Email notifications to admin and customer
- Stripe payment form to approve booking order
See code on Github
Laravel Moving house order
Laravel Moving house payment form Stripe

Technical details

- Based on Laravel 8
- Admin theme: CoreUI Free (Bootstrap 4)
- Last updated: October 2020
See code on Github

Video Tutorial - "Making Of" (14 minutes)

[00:00] Intro: About Demo-Project and What You'll Learn
[01:30] Show, Don't Tell: How It Works
[03:57] Generate Core with QuickAdminPanel in 3 Mins
[06:41] Landing Welcome Page
[07:15] Register Form: Add Fields and Create Moving
[08:18] Email Notifications Tweaking
[09:55] Payment Form with Stripe
[11:50] Permissions Cleanup and Conclusion